Please behave and have fun!
kim: OMG sis buti kasabay kita! :) San ka dito sa north sis? Send ako PM sayo about the arrangements pwede pacheck na lang? Thanks :) Jan 30, 2015 5:22:35 GMT -5
pearloftheorient: hi kim! pls check my message in your inbox Jan 30, 2015 7:15:33 GMT -5
Moments25: for those na malayo sa Taguig, I suggest that you stay at the DSWD dormitory, it is just adjacent sa speaktest center. 400/pax lang bayad for a day... Jan 30, 2015 7:29:55 GMT -5
luvalone320: About the my case I was approved even just I submitted only my ielts result...I did not take the speak test.. Jan 30, 2015 11:04:11 GMT -5
lyn1991: magkano kaya magpa medical sa st lukes? Jan 30, 2015 18:09:09 GMT -5
kim: Dito ka ba sa Pinas nag-apply? Ang swerte mo kung ganun kasi yung mga kilala kong ganito ang ginawa e denied lahat. I guess it's case-to-case basis tlaga...pero kung gusto mong magsiguro, kailangan tlaga sundin ang pinapagawa ng embassy :) Jan 30, 2015 19:00:20 GMT -5
kim: Ask mo si pipafarah sis recently lang siya nagpamedical sa St. Luke's :) Jan 30, 2015 19:00:54 GMT -5
lyn1991: ikaw sis? san ka nag pamedical? Jan 30, 2015 20:30:09 GMT -5
pipafarah: St. Lukes ErmitA po P.5250 + MMR vaccine 1300 + 495 Pregnancy test if ur female... and pag nurse ka or nursing graduate may extra tests po na gagawin sau... Goodluck sa Batch 23:) Jan 30, 2015 20:51:07 GMT -5
kim: dito na ako sa Baguio papa-medical Nationwide clinic :) Jan 30, 2015 21:24:44 GMT -5
savmil: Hi good evening ask ko lng po sana kung sino na po dito nakapag start ng express entry. thanks Jan 31, 2015 7:52:01 GMT -5
patchi23: How can i reapply after being refused because of failed score in SPEAKTEST? Jan 31, 2015 21:19:38 GMT -5
kokoic: When all your docs are in hand, reapply again. Same procedure from your previous application. Wait for notice for st but make sure you study hard this time. About the medical 1 yr validity kaya pwede pa yung medical mo from previous application. Jan 31, 2015 22:15:56 GMT -5
patchi23: Thanks, i will pass my reapplication this week. I have all the docs needed, i will just have to accomplish them online. Yes, i just had my medical last dec.23,2014. Jan 31, 2015 22:26:55 GMT -5
kokoic: Is your application thru online? Jan 31, 2015 22:27:47 GMT -5
kokoic: Anyone who submit online application under LICP? Feb 1, 2015 2:26:28 GMT -5
silay: Hi kokoic i submitted online last jan.3 Feb 1, 2015 8:13:28 GMT -5
jcj10: hi everyone! anu nga po ulit ung mga dapat dalin sa Speaktest? i accidentally lost my copy. appreciate you feedback. thank you so much in advance Feb 1, 2015 8:24:37 GMT -5
imangpoot: Hi jcj10. Things to bring are your passport if i havent submitted it yet to the embassy, themst lletter sent by cem(print it out), picture, long brown envelope, valid id that is photocopied. :) Feb 1, 2015 19:26:55 GMT -5
nursenina: hi imangpoot..=) ilang ID po ba ang need sa speaktest? kasi po naipasa ko na yung passport ko sa vfs,xerox na lng ang meron and PRC license.. Feb 1, 2015 20:02:46 GMT -5