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n0ju4n: Is there a thread here that shows a simplified step by step instructions when applying for new work permit? I changed employer and already received a positive LMIA. I also printed out document checklists and the guide... Apr 20, 2016 16:58:20 GMT -5
n0ju4n: ...but there are some items that I do not fully understand. If there is a thread, paki PM nlng po ng link. Sobrang dami po kasi ng thread, need help to find it if meron nga. Thank you :) Apr 20, 2016 16:59:23 GMT -5
iampeggz: Hindi ba simplified enough na ang instruction guide sa cic website? Spoon fed na nga mga applicants doon kasi talagang question per question ni explain na ng CIC kung ano ilalagay mo Apr 20, 2016 22:15:45 GMT -5
iampeggz: What is it that you don't understand? Filling up the forms? Apr 20, 2016 22:16:38 GMT -5
iampeggz: Unfortunately walang thread kung para sa step by step instruction sa pag apply ng new work permit since lahat naman kasi nasa CIC website na. So pwede mo naman post dito kung ano ba ang hindi niyo maintindihan sa step. Apr 20, 2016 22:44:22 GMT -5
parengjay: miss peggz super tyaga maganswer ng q's hehe... kamusta Apr 22, 2016 18:56:48 GMT -5
parengjay: sometimes nagbabasa ako dito, i can't help but think na hindi immigration consultant ang kailangan ng mga nagtatanong kundi psychologists/counselors Apr 22, 2016 19:00:06 GMT -5
parengjay: people ask, "wala ako experience, fresh out of college, pano ba magapply ng work sa canada?"... kung ako grade one, would i dare ask kung papano ako makakapasok sa grade 6 the year after? Apr 22, 2016 19:01:43 GMT -5
xai031: hi guys :) just want to share that IRIS Review Center helped me to get my target band score in just one take!! Thank god :) Bye Earth nakoooo Apr 23, 2016 1:45:32 GMT -5
parengjay: xai, how much did you pay the review center? Apr 23, 2016 3:52:49 GMT -5
Lou Bautista: parangjay.. napatawa mo ako.. lol Apr 23, 2016 11:25:49 GMT -5
parengjay: tama naman diba? lol :D Apr 23, 2016 21:26:08 GMT -5
0303ruby: Hi! to all members here.. I just wanna ask if anyone here already submitted there PR application for caregiver class, My question is about the additional documents that cic asked me to provide. they would asked me about my husband's voter's affidavit. Apr 23, 2016 23:36:26 GMT -5
0303ruby: do you know where can I get voter's affidavit in the Philippines? Apr 23, 2016 23:37:39 GMT -5
parengjay: sabaw Apr 24, 2016 23:48:25 GMT -5
parengjay: sa mga millenials.... uso ba yung salitang (pang-uri) "SABAW"? Apr 24, 2016 23:50:40 GMT -5
parengjay: sample... "ang utak ni juan ay sabaw" Apr 25, 2016 0:06:30 GMT -5
parengjay: bakit maingay ang sipol ng hangin sa labas (14 floors up here in downtown...) Apr 25, 2016 21:24:56 GMT -5
eimee17: , assessment is free. depende sa evalutation mo, he'll tell you kung okay assessment mo kung gusto mo i-avail package na applicable sau. more or less 1500. depende sa application mo Apr 26, 2016 16:47:20 GMT -5
kaycee28: san po pwede mag exam para makakuha ng NC II? thank you May 4, 2016 4:23:01 GMT -5